Make a wish!

Wow reading through this post and I identified with so much!  I too wish it was all over.  I also only have this last assignment to do.  Reflection – yep not my strong point.  But then again I never thought I could or would blog either.  To be honest I have actually enjoyed spewing my ideas into a short spiel.  Probably more suited to twitter, but I still never quite got into that one.  I also enjoyed looking at the grade modelling page from the last learning path.  Yep, I don’t need much to pass, but there is that little devil on my shoulder saying I have to strive to get the best I can.
I tell you what, the minute I press that submit button, this will be me!!

Let’s celebrate!

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I am not celebrating that prac is over.  I am celebrating that it has revitalised me!  I again remember why I want to be a teacher.  My mentor was a massive part of that!  Her genuine love of teaching and children shone through and she was awesome support.  Reading this post made me thankful that I had such a wonderful experience as I had the other type before.  Have been chatting with other students about the merits of public and/or private sector as well and it seems it all comes down to your mentor.  One thing I always try to take away is that good or bad, it is experience.  How to teach or how not to teach.  How to mentor or how not to mentor.  After three weeks with beautiful preppies, my glass is always half full!  The power of positive thinking – checkout this great site on optimism.
One thing I am positive about – I am going to really enjoy these holidays before it all begins again!

Bite me!

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I knew it would happen – those posts about Ps = degrees.  I knew they would come back and bite me.  Here I was, midway through prac and planning for whole days of teaching because my mentor loved what I was doing and I got sick.  As if that wasn’t enough, I had an assignment due worth 50% – one of my favourite subjects that I should get a HD for and I submitted the assignment 5 minutes before the cut off.  Quite possibly the worst assignment I have every written.  I am scared to see the results in a couple of weeks, but at least like Aaron so eloquently put – persistence is the key.  I was definitely persistent or I would not have made it at all.  I definitely would have passed and my P will eventually equal my degree, but I am still not happy about it! A bit of research and some ME time over the break should help sort that out!

The key is in the Prep!

Just wanted to share some of my experience of this professional experience. It was awesome!  I am exhausted but over the moon that I really do want to be a teacher and if I could choose a grade it would be Prep.  I have realised that it is near impossible to be stressed even with assignments due and planning and family and everything else, when you get to sing to 25 beautiful faces that don’t care if you are off key!
Like Aaron’s post I had the most positive and fantastic experience with a wonderful sharing mentor who really helped me with everything – and I laminated to my heart’s content!! Taught some great lessons with the minimal ICTs I had available.  Just can’t get this one out of my head!!!  The kids loved it.

Honey, I’m home!

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What a ride it has been.  After my initial freak out and email to David to explain how disadvantaged I was going to be, I decided I could do this.  Reading other posts like Amanda’s made me realise the power of remaining positive.

After an absolutely exhausting first day with preppies and conversation with my USQ liaison officer, I decided to throw myself into it and do the best I could with what was available to me, and boy did I come up with some doozies!!

Luckily, I think my Liaison having a conversation with the site coordinator pushed a techie to fix my mentor’s laptop –  which was a start.  This is just the beginning of my reflections, but the one thing I can say about preppies is that you really have to get your sing on!  Found some great blogs and resources to help me with this – like this post.

It’s gonna be a hard drive!

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Met my class and mentor/s today! I am so excited, kids are great and my mentors seem very supportive and eager to give me a go and help me learn.  One snag, ICT practicum.  No interactive whiteboard, no data projector, no teacher laptop at present, no computers in the classroom, no ICTs??  It is going to be a hard drive!!!
Looking at some of my fellow students’ blogs and found Tracey’s post.  Yes I am going to make mistakes, yes it is going to be hard, but I will get there – it won’t be for lack of trying! I am petrified. I have zero ideas at the moment, but I will get there!
Starting all my google searches and found this post – controversial – what do other students think of this school’s pedagogical approach?

Keep calm – placements are up!

I am so excited, thrilled and scared!  My placement was uploaded to InPlace today!  Fantastic school judging by the website, well resourced!  Am very excited to get a Prep class too.  Like James’ post, I realised it is time to brush up on my singing and cutting and pasting skills (with a little ICT integration in there somewhere!!). Oh boy I will be tired after this Prac.
In all seriousness, like Tess’ post I have already started printing off my materials, resources and adding to our Diigo Preppies for Prac. page (thanks James!).  Here is one page I have added to the group which has a whole bunch of free sites.
Have emailed my two mentors (shared – a first for me) and will hopefully be able to meet up this week to discuss my huge list for context.
Good luck everyone in the pre-planning phase!

Are you ready?

Even though it has not been far from my mind all weekend,  even though I have been checking InPlace every hour or so knowing that it won’t be uploaded on a weekend, reading Noeni’s post has filled me with apprehension.  It is really happening tomorrow!!  I have really hated not knowing – I do my best when I am prepared and I do my best to be prepared.

Here’s hoping that I get a great school, well resourced.  Here’s hoping I get a mentor who wants to help me learn to be a great teacher.  Here’s hoping I get through the two assignments I have to complete before next Monday.  Here’s hoping I can get time off work to meet my mentor. Here’s hoping my cold clears up before next Monday. Here’s hoping I am ready!!  Here is another great little site for ideas!

Good luck – ready, set …..

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Make that connection

Completed my online Professional Development on cyber safety today in an hour (just like my fellow student – see post here).


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I was pleased while doing the modules that I actually understood all of the terminology. Mind you it was made in 2011 so it may be a little outdated.  Here is the link to my Online Cybersafety certificate – another one for the portfolio. I find cyber safety to be a really important topic and one that there is always questioning about who is responsible (parents/school).  It was an eye opener that the school must take action when it is not within their control.  I was also amazed to hear the ‘experts’ compare how a teacher can see bullying building up and can intervene, whereas with cyber bullying it all happens overnight and goes to new levels. It is crucial that we educate ourselves, the parents and the students.  Here is a Canadian government website for all! Interesting to see a different country’s approach.

Best part about this section in the learning path is – another blog done for assignment three – yippee!!


Too stressed – here’s a bit of light relief

Panic is setting in – especially after reading Jessica’s post and realising how close it is!  I honestly feel like I lost a week somewhere.  The funny thing is the further into this degree I get, the faster I feel the semesters are going.  I feel like I am just getting a handle on my subjects and they are half over.

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I am finding that I am really enjoying my subjects, but I just don’t have enough time to do them justice.  I guess this is what teaching will be like – never having enough time to cover everything as much as you would like to.
Anyway I promised light relief.  Love this little game called ‘Test your eyes’ that was emailed at work.  It gets quite hard towards the end – enjoy!